Things to Know Before Starting the Process

To hire a foreign worker, you generally must obtain a positive Labor Market Opinion (LMO) (also known as an employment confirmation) from Service Canada.

When applying for a LMO, you will have to demonstrate

  • the efforts made to recruit and/or train willing and available Canadians/permanent residents;
  • that the wages you are offering are consistent with the prevailing wage rate paid to Canadians in the same occupation in the region;
  • that the working conditions for the occupation meet the current provincial labour market standards; and
  • any potential benefits that the hiring of the foreign worker may have on the Canadian labour market (e.g., creation of new jobs, transfer of skills and knowledge, etc.).

In most cases, foreign workers must apply for a work permit at a Canadian visa office abroad.

Depending on the type of work they will undertake in Canada and where they have resided in the last year, foreign workers may also require a medical examination before entering Canada.

Foreign workers may be refused a work permit and entry into Canada by a Border Services officer (regardless of whether employment confirmation has been obtained) if they are found inadmissible for a number of reasons, including criminal, security or medical grounds.