A. Submit an application for an HRSDC labour market opinion (LMO)

A positive LMO is one requirement that Citizenship and Immigration Canada considers when deciding to issue a work permit allowing the person to work in Canada. At the same time, a positive LMO, the work permit, and your permanent job offer also strengthen the worker's application for permanent residency to Canada.

Employers can make a permanent job offer to a Skilled Worker as an effective way to fill a full-time position and bring needed skills in Canada.

The following steps may apply if the employer is interested in hiring a Skilled Worker for a permanent position in the company and ensuring that the worker is allowed to work in Canada before receiving his/her permanent resident visa and supporting the worker's permanent immigration to Canada.


  1. Submit an HRSDC Foreign Worker Application for a labour market opinion (LMO) to the Service Canada Service responsible in the area, and indicate that the employer is offering a permanent position to the Skilled Worker.
  2. Once HRSDC has approved the job offer, send a copy of the HRSDC LMO confirmation letter to the Skilled Worker applicant.
  3. The employer will inform the Skilled Worker to apply for a work permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).
  4. CIC decides whether the Skilled Worker will get a Work Permit allowing them to work in Canada.
  5. Once the Skilled Worker holds a work permit, he/she should apply to the appropriate CIC visa office for a Skilled Worker permanent resident visa.
  6. Tell the worker to include the employer’s written permanent job offer and a copy of the CIC work permit with the Skilled Worker application, along with other documentation required by CIC. The application is point-rated and these documents improve the Skilled Worker's score and the opportunity to receive a permanent resident visa.
  7. CIC reviews the Skilled Worker permanent residency application and decides whether to:
    • Grant points under the "Arranged Employment" in Canada and review all other Skilled Worker criteria;
    • Give the Skilled Worker a permanent resident visa.