Confidence grows at present

Moving from providing landing services, PSI recognized that there is more than meets the eye. It started phasing out its landing services; and instead concentrated on assisting Canadian employers settle their new Filipino workers.

The recent development in the Canadian labor market drove PSI to put together a TOTAL SOLUTION that responds to Canada’s labor shortage. Banking on the overflowing human capital in the Philippines, the Company cast its net to allow more Filipinos in the Philippines to fill in the vacancy for these Canadian firms. That started a major undertaking that has swept its competitors to the sidelight.

The Philippine Services, Inc. works in close partnership with immigration consultants and lawyers particularly in the Philippines. At present, it has a close partnership with one of the largest and most reputable immigration consultancy firm in the Philippines that brings thousands of new immigrants to Canada every year – Canadian Immigration Consultancy.

Drawing from its experience of talking with Canadian employers, the PSI continues to be sought after by Canadian firms looking for workers to fill in their vacancies. With the impending labor shortage in Canada, the demand for more qualified and skilled professionals and workers became a big ticket for PSI.

Working with its Filipino partners, PSI is able to supply Canadian employers with workers that are so difficult to come by. With the large pool of available and qualified workers on its database, Canadian workers do not have to worry about finding their new achievers. This has been big news to the Philippines, considering that it has been a major source of human resources in all parts of the world.

In conjunction with Filipino partners – Canadian Immigration Consultancy and the International Jobs Recruitment, Inc. --- PSI is bringing Canada closer to the Filipinos and vice versa. PSI has opened up more windows of opportunities to a big segment of qualified workers who will eventually end up being new immigrants of Canada.

With the recruitment business in the Philippines being a heavily-regulated business, PSI has secured itself by working with a registered Filipino recruitment agency that is also supported by a team of lawyers and specialists who are able to translate complex laws and policies, making it easier for Canadian workers to recruit new employees. PSI’s unparalleled team of lawyers, consultants and specialists make it respond faster to unexpected changes.