Solve your labor shortage problem

The challenge that Canadian employers are facing right known is well recognized. Qualified, skilled workers are hard to come by. This is the one of the toughest time in recruiting skilled people. At PSI, we recognize that problem you are faced with. Our pool of available and qualified professionals and workers can take the worries off your shoulder.

Provide skilled and professional workers from the Philippines

By casting our net all over the Philippines, which is a major labor exporter of human capital, we have captured a steady supply of highly-experienced and skillful professionals and workers. A big majority of our database is composed of professionals that have been in the business for at least four years and more. It is very likely that you will be able to select from amongst our comprehensive supply that will meet the skills and experience your company is looking for.

We make it easy

Drawing on the expertise and experience of one of our most stable partners in the Philippines ---Canadian Immigration Consultancy and International Jobs Recruitment Agency, Inc., the PSI makes it effortless on your part to bring workers to Canada. By tapping our database of workers, who are ready to leave Canada anytime, you can have your new employees in a few months time. We are able to do this with the help of these partners.

Take a look at our database of workers. IT’S FREE!

With thousands of candidates to search from, we give you access to a huge talent pool of Filipino labor market that has been recognized in almost all parts of the world. For starters, you can browse our database for FREE.

If you do not find what you are looking for, list your requirements and tell us what you need. IT’S FREE!

Chances are, we have what you need. But if there are occupations that we have not yet covered, just inform us what you need and we will supply it for you.

Post jobs online. IT’S FREE!

Advertise your vacancies for free. By doing so, it saves your company an arm and a leg to search for qualified workers. Through the use of technology, looking for workers is easy and inexpensive.

If you are not familiar with the process, we will help you qualify workers from A-Z.

Getting workers may not be that easy. If you find it tedious with all the paperwork and documentation, we will ensure that you are able to get your workers based on what you need. We can facilitate you as you select and recruit these qualified workers.