Look at our available workers

Our package of TOTAL SOLUTION allows you to get the results you want. By working closely with various immigration consultancy companies in the Philippines including, Canadian Immigration Consultancy, the largest of them all; we are able to provide you with the skilled manpower to fill in your labor shortage. Not only that our partnership with the International Jobs Recruitment Agency, Inc. gives us the edge to have qualified workers ready for deployment.

For ease in classifying different kinds of workers, we have categorized our workers into different categories, depending on their readiness to work with their prospective employers.

  1. New Canadian landed immigrant visa holders
  2. These workers are ready to leave anytime. With a visa on hand, they can meet their future employers and join the workforce right away. This is an immediate solution to your labor shortage problem. By working a partnership with the Canadian Immigration Consultancy, PSI is assured of a steady supply of new immigrant visa holders every month.

    It even gives you comparative advantage. Since they are holders of immigrant visas, employers need not worry of securing a Labor Market Opinion. In effect, employers do not incur additional legal and processing costs, saving them a lot.

  3. Canadian immigration applicants with pending interview schedule
  4. Running second on our list are the Canadian immigration applicants that are awaiting their interview date. They are already on the final leg of their application and in a few months to less than a year, they will be ready to join their new employers, as soon as their application is approved. If these workers are given a Certified Job Offer or Arranged Employment Offer, their chances of getting an immigrant visa increase.

  5. Immigration applications filed with no interview schedule
  6. These consists the bulk of our database. We have thousands of highly-qualified skilled workers that have already signified their intention to relocate in Canada. Most of them have at least four years of work experience and are college educated. With a Certified Job Offer or Arranged Employment Offer, applicants get preferred visa processing by the Canadian Embassy.

  7. Canadian Ready
  8. Included in our database is a listing of all highly-qualified skilled workers who are ready to face their Canadian employers. Though they have not yet applied for an immigrant visa, once called by any employer they can readily submit their documents. Their documents have already been completed and verified by our immigration partner, Canadian Immigration Consultancy.

  9. Interested to work and live in Canada
  10. These workers have just recently joined our database. Though they are basically new, most of them would want to relocate to Canada, if the options are there. Most of them have yet to complete and verify their documents.