Modest beginnings

Established in 1997, the Philippine Services, Inc. was borne of the need of newly landed immigrants who are faced with emotional baggage in facing a new life in Canada. Filled with anxiety, worry and fear, every new Filipino immigrant has to battle his own war of settling down --- finding a job, looking for a comfortable place to stay or moving around. All these things may sound so simple, yet new immigrants are psychologically torn down. By being able to help them manage their situation, new immigrants are able to settle within their budget.

With the advent of PSI, a package of landing services becomes the key to unlock their psychological burden. With a person to guide them in getting their Social Insurance Number or arranging for them with a bank, as well as in acquiring a credit card, new Filipino immigrants start to develop their own confidence and strength in confronting the unknown.

By helping them find a job within a week’s time, it takes away their biggest fear to settle down. It was through this type of service that PSI starts to knot its long-time relationship with Canadian employers. In the beginning, it was not easy to find a job in Canada but PSI managed to identify employers for these new Filipino immigrants.

Business picks up so much so that the Company was able to acquire real estate properties that house these new immigrants temporarily. Ultimately, PSI helped these new Filipino immigrants get adjusted to the Canadian way of life. The package of landing services offered to its clients makes all prospective immigrants’ transition to a strange land completely hassle-free.